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As of right now, we do offer a free financing option, as well as payment plans, but we do not accept health insurance.

We selected this program because of its holistic roots in whole real food.

  • You begin the morning by taking the nutraceutical drops- have a dropper of the lipo blend and 5 drops of the appetite control. Have your coffee and plenty of water. You’re fasting for 4 hrs, which allows the supplement to do its job without food interrupting.
  • Around 11-12pm, after retaking your supplement drops, you have 4oz animal protein with 4oz veggies and 4oz fruit. The same guidelines apply to dinner. After two weeks of the protocol, you will also have carbs reintroduced into your diet.
  • There are also “free” food options for when you are extra hungry.

Depending on your personal goals and the program that suits your needs best. The best way to get started and better understand your pricing options is to schedule your free no-obligation consultation!

The weight loss package provides support and sessions throughout four months. Two months for the reduction phase, where you can expect to see the most weight loss, and two months for maintenance (goal dependent).
12 sessions, monthly 3D body composition scans to track progress and supplements: 2 bottles of the lipo blend and 1 of the appetite control blend.

Our weight loss program targets those who need a bit more fast trace weight loss; average results are .3 to 1lb of weight loss per day.

Personalized nutrition is a more long-term process for those who would like to lose weight, gain weight, regulate digestion, gain muscle, balance hormones etc.

No medication is required.
Yes. Another reason we love this program! Our nutraceutical supplements blend herbs and amino acids that encourage fat-burning and appetite satisfaction.
Yes, if they present enough weight to lose.
It’s not required for success on the Secret for Weight Loss program, but you can definitely work out if you’d like!