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At Sandstone Weight Loss, our mission extends beyond mere weight loss. We’re here to unveil a world where vigor and self-belief light up every corner of your life. Embark on a transformation that goes deeper than the scale, shedding not only weight but also the uncertainties that weigh you down. Together, let’s step into a brighter, healthier future!

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Calorie Counting? Not Here

Forget the tedium of tracking every bite. Sandstone Weight Loss champions a revolutionary method that rejuvenates your metabolism for enduring results.

Sweating It Out Is Your Call

At Sandstone Weight Loss, we prioritize your nutritional intake over your gym routine, especially in the early stages. Exercise is a choice, not a mandate, on your journey with us.

Flavorful Feasts Without the Guilt

Say goodbye to monotonous, tasteless meals. With us, indulge in delectable, wholesome dishes that make every day feel like a cheat day—without the guilt.

Total Pounds We've Helped Our Clients to Lose

Based on the ‘Secret for Weight Loss’ program’s performance statistics. Individual results may differ. See details here.

How it works

Savor, Don't Stress

Step into a realm where dining is a joy, not a chore. At Sandstone Weight Loss, we reintroduce you to the pleasure of eating well. Our program is packed with succulent, healthful choices that make every meal a celebration of flavor and progress. Forget the days of dreary diets; our selections thrill the palate and trim the figure. Enjoy each mouthful, confident in the knowledge that you’re on the road to a fitter, happier you, free from the burdens of dietary guilt and confusion.

How it works

Bid Farewell to Inflammation

Inflammation: the stealthy adversary of weight loss, quietly undermining your efforts. Yet, there’s no cause for alarm! Our comprehensive strategy directly confronts inflammation, showing it the door for good. Sandstone Weight Loss is dedicated to internal healing, dismantling the obstacles to weight loss and heralding a fresh chapter of wellness and equilibrium. Break away from the chains of discouragement and let your body naturally and efficiently slim down.

How it works

Hormonal Harmony

Envision your body as an intricate symphony, with hormones as the ensemble. A single instrument out of tune can spoil the performance. Enter our role: to be the maestro of your hormonal harmony, ensuring each hormone plays perfectly with the others. Our approach helps synchronize your hormonal balance, enhancing a metabolism that favors you. Embrace the melody of losing weight, as your body’s innate rhythms converge to aid your ambitions, smoothing the path of your weight loss voyage.

How it works

Strategic Supplements

What’s our edge? A selection of exclusive, scientifically validated supplements designed to simplify your weight loss journey. These supplements are far from ordinary; they are the dedicated allies your body needs to sail smoothly through the weight loss odyssey. Targeting key metabolic pathways and bolstering your body’s own mechanisms, our supplements act as your personal support squad, propelling you forward towards your ultimate goal, one step at a time.

How it works

Dedicated Coaching

The backbone of every weight loss success story is a team that’s got your back through thick and thin. Sandstone Weight Loss coaches are not merely consultants; they are your motivation, your problem solvers, your trusted confidantes. From day one, they stand with you, providing tailor-made support, cheer, and expert advice. With us, you’re part of a family. Together, we’ll navigate the hurdles, share in your triumphs, and morph your weight loss endeavor into a journey of self-discovery and triumph.

Real People. Real Success Stories.


“Since coming to Sandstone, I’ve lost over 45 pounds in two months.”

This is the best I've felt in years!! I have tried several diets in the past, but my thyroid issues and my physical pain have kept me from losing the weight. On the Sandstone Weight Loss weight loss program I have lost over 35lbs. I'm so happy with the results!!


“In the first week, I lost 10 pounds!”

Need more proof our program works?

Mike lost 75 lbs & is no longer prediabetic!

“The Sandstone Weight Loss program has increased my energy and I’ve lost 75 pounds and 24 inches around my entire body. For the first time in 20+ years, I know I’m eating healthy and making positive choices about my health. My confidence is back and the guys I work with in my construction stopped calling me Manatee Mike. It feels good to not be fat anymore and to have lost so much weight so quickly. My mood is so much better and I don’t feel sluggish. Invest in yourself and in this incredible program!”

Annie Manriquez

Sandstone Weight Loss has provided me with the tools and support to successfully lose over 50 pounds in under 5 months! With them I have learned healthier eating habits and how to make it a convenient routine. I now confidently have the tools to keep the weight off and keep up with my family.


Curious Minds, Welcome:

Your burning questions about the Sandstone Weight Loss program, answered right here.

Picture us as your metabolic maestros. Unlike the race to ramp up your metabolic rate, we choose a more nuanced approach—fine-tuning your metabolism back to its harmonious state. It’s akin to hitting the reset button on your body, nurturing an environment where your cells and hormones can truly thrive. At Sandstone, weight loss is just the beginning; we’re here to cultivate your wellness from the inside out.

Your ease, your choice. Whether you’re partial to a good old-fashioned sit-down or favor the simplicity of a digital dialogue, we’re flexible. Our complimentary initial consultations are customized to mesh with your lifestyle and location preferences. Tell us what suits you best, and consider it arranged.

Let’s talk brass tacks—without first understanding your personal weight loss narrative, setting a price is putting the cart before the horse. That’s why we offer a free, no-strings-attached consultation to delve into what you’re aiming for and how we can get you there. Post-chat, we’ll tailor a plan that’s not only a fit for your goals but also for your budget. And about those payment plans? Absolutely. We’re all about paving a frictionless road to a healthier you.

Straight talk: Our philosophy isn’t anchored in gym routines. While we’re all for active living, our program zeroes in on your eating habits as the main act. Love working out? Great, keep at it! But know that with Sandstone Weight Loss, your weight loss isn’t contingent on how many miles you run or weights you lift. It’s about intelligent, lasting lifestyle shifts that truly make the difference.

Health Improvements

We surveyed the last 500 people who completed the program. Besides losing weight, here are the percent of people who reported health benefits.

*Based on the average weight loss per client from the last 500 patients surveyed after completing the program and the number of programs that start per year. This program is not a cure or treatment for any health condition but besides losing weight, many patients experience health benefits from this program when they incorporate healthy eating habits.

Please be advised that these statistics are based on data collected from external sources and are provided for informational purposes only.

The accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the statistics cannot be guaranteed, and no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made regarding the validity or suitability of the data. Users are encouraged to exercise their own judgment and discretion when interpreting or relying on the information provided. The Secret for Weight Loss providers, their affiliates, and agents shall not be held liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from the use of or reliance on these statistics. This program is not a cure or treatment for any health condition but besides losing weight, many patients experience health benefits from this program when they incorporate healthy eating habits.

Dive into this: A stunning 68% of our community report an electrifying surge in energy! It’s more than just conquering the day ahead; it’s about awakening a verve for life some thought was forever lost. This energy lights up mornings and dismisses the need for late-night oil burning. Witness the transformative power of weight loss as it joins forces with boundless vitality.

Visualize the scene: 66% of our graduates stepping into the world with an air of unshakeable confidence. This newfound poise doesn’t just open eyes; it opens doors. With each pound shed, a sense of bold self-belief blooms, sketching broader grins and painting a future rich with promise. Beyond slipping into old denim, it’s about slipping effortlessly into a life brimming with joy and possibilities.

Gone are the days of digestive distress for more than half of our participants, with 51% experiencing the joy of seamless digestion. Every meal transitions from a potential pitfall to a moment of pure delight, without the shadow of discomfort lurking. Embrace a dietary rhythm that not only satisfies your taste buds but also harmonizes your digestive wellbeing, elevating your overall zest for life.

Imagine this: Nearly half, or 48%, of our family now drifts into sleep with ease, enjoying nights of profound, rejuvenating rest. It’s the sleep of dreams, turning restless evenings into sanctuaries of peace. As your body aligns with its healthier rhythm, the elusive sandman becomes a nightly visitor, ensuring every tomorrow is met with unparalleled freshness.

Here’s a revelation: 44% of those who journey with us report a notable easing of joint discomfort, rediscovering the joy in every move. This shift isn’t merely about weight reduction; it’s about reclaiming the freedom to move, dance, and live life unencumbered. Celebrate each bend and twist with ease, stepping lighter and living fuller.

And the grand finale: 42% of our circle experiencing a lift in mental fog, ushering in an era of crystal-clear thinking and sharp focus. This is where challenges become mere stepping stones, and the creative spark burns brighter than ever. Experience a world rendered in stunning clarity, enhancing both professional prowess and personal enjoyment.